The intention of the Company is to provide its clientele with the utmost level of service and support by consistently providing a responsive and reliable service. Through our experienced and professionally minded approach we aim to present ourselves in the highest esteem achievable. Delivering compliant projects on time and to budget is of principal importance to the company and we believe this mindset will allow for a continued respect within the industry which will furthermore allow for sustainable growth now and into the future.


As an independent controls system specialist TCS provide an essential link between the client’s needs and the benefits of a well engineered building control and energy management system. TCS offer a number of specific services to the HVAC industry and over the years have been involved in many new build projects, retrofit works, and renovations throughout the South West. Whatever the design concept TCS have been on hand to offer a fitting solution to overcome any potential problems encountered during the project progression.

Understanding the needs and requirements of our customers is critical to the philosophy of the Company. We understand with paramount importance that in order to achieve continued success we must maintain our high level of service throughout. The Company recognises that providing added value to our continually growing customer base is a major significance to its success.

Throughout years of operation TCS have built a reliable, friendly and above all professional organisation which is based on the skilled workforce employed. Within the organisation we have an equal ambition for the Company we work within and this belief has allowed us to work together in unity all striving for the same short, medium and long term goals and achievements. We understand the sector we work within and that coupled with close client relationships has allowed TCS to provide cost effective solutions in the pursuit to achieve the desired goals for the customer.


TCS Controls Ltd was established in 2006 in order to provide a solution to the lack of local resource available within the HVAC building controls sector. It seemed evident that the shortfall in knowledge and expertise within the area needed to be resolved. Shortly after establishment TCS acquired a control panel design and manufacturing facility known as AirConVent Ltd. The acquisition enabled TCS to capture the existing knowledge and experience held within the attained company and this along with the ability to supply service and maintain building management systems allowed TCS to steadily progress in the years to come.
In late 2006 TCS successfully undertook the training required to become a Priva Building Intelligence system partner. By proving an understanding of the expertise required to install, manage and maintain these systems TCS have continued to use the Priva Building Intelligence portfolio of product within the solutions they provide to the HVAC controls industry.

Recently TCS have been appointed as a systems partner and distributor of the Honeywell CentraLine range of building management system products.